Background Questions

Players should answer these questions and email them to the GM or post them under the appropriate Forum topic. Detail is appreciated, but don’t feel obligated to fully create new characters for everyone in your character’s background.

1. What did your character do for a living before becoming part of the supernatural world?

2. What were your character’s hobbies?

3. What kind of people did he associate with?

4. What did your character know about the world before? What does he know, now?

5. Describe how your character entered the supernatural world (the Embrace, First Change, etc.).

6. Did your character receive any guidance afterward? If so, what is his mentor like?

7. Describe the most important person in your character’s entire life.

8. What are your character’s top three priorities?

9. Does your character belong to a particular social group among his kind? If so, describe them.

Background Questions

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