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Welcome to Hell

We’re finally headed over to kick some German ass. Europe’s bawling for help, and the children of the Rising Sun have awakened the sleeping dragon. And Uncle Sam is MAD. But the word is that the Nazis have enlisted some occult help. Hitler’s got his dogs out looking for all manner of relics and artifacts, even though most people think he’s crazy.

But some of us know better.

That’s where you come in. Best regards of Task Force: Valkyrie. We won’t pretend that we’ve been around long, but we know a few things, and one of those is that we’re not alone. The Huns want monsters and magic on their side? Well, two can play at that game.

Oh, you have choices. But you should consider them carefully. After all, we’re the good guys… but you’re still monsters, too.

Operation: Pandora’s Box

Sometimes you have to let some evils out to keep others in. This is the page for Demdemeh’s World War II based New World of Darkness crossover chronicle. The chronicle officially begins in early January, 1942. The United States has officially been at war with the Axis powers for nearly a month, now, but has not yet entered military forces into decisive conflict. That’s all about to change.

Mundane military might won’t be enough, though. The Third Reich has already displayed, to those in the know, a hunger for occult might. And sometimes it’s better to fight fire with fire. Task Force Valkyrie, a black ops government organization, has been tasked with finding recruits for a counter-occult attack.

Players will make characters from Changeling: the Lost, Geist: Sin-Eaters, Mage: the Awakening, Vampire: the Requiem, or Werewolf: the Forsaken, using the appropriate beginning-character rules for each splat. They will then fill out a few Background Questions, as well as completing their character sheets under the Character Tab. When each player has played through his character’s Prologue, the game will begin.

Main Page

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